Corchorus olitorius


Botanical Name ( Corchorus olitorius )
Available Form:
  • Dried Leaves of Molokhia also known as Egyptian Spinach
Color: Green
Season: Available all the Year
Packing: In Carton , In polypropylene bag, weight depend upon form type
Annual production capacity : 350 Ton
Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place at temperature above 20 ° C and relative humidity 75%.

benefits of Molokhia:

benefits of Molokhia
The therapeutic benefits of Molokhia Mallow popular food is widely used in food in Asia, such as the Arab countries and the Far East, such as India, China, Japan and others. It is cheap, because the West did not care about making it varieties of food, remained monopolized the Middle without being exported to Europe and America. I knew ancient peoples, and the pharaohs use it as food, as it appeared in ancient inscriptions, and is told that al-Hakim make mallow monopoly on tiles and the royal family, where he was named "majestic" in the beginning and turned the label to Molokhia after spread among the people. Did not take mallow right of research, especially in the West. Installation mallow • Water 47.98% • 16.49% ash • Oils 2.44% • 29% protein • metal salts: iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium. • Vitamins A and C, Nicotinic anti-Blagra, a disease that disease results from a deficiency of vitamin B. • fiber Selluluzih 10.21%. • chlorophyll. • Glucosideكوكورين. Uses and benefits of medical mallow 1. Easy to digest, light on the stomach, increase appetite, relentless nature. 2. A vitamin found strengthens visual acuity, prevents night blindness. 3. Vitamin A activates energy genitals. 4. Calms the nerves for the abundance of magnesium. 5. Prevent skin allergies and urticaria, skin and burns fire. 6. Prevent diseases of the joints feature a substance Glucosamine a Grawih substance essential for the health of joints and bone, which helps the production of cartilage Cartilage in the bones and joints. And Glucosamine contain material on the sulfurous materials to prevent disease, osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis. 7. Generate urine and break-up of gravel and sand. 8. Struggling diseases larynx and trachea, preventing coughing.


Physical / Microbiological Analysis

Physical characteristic




Grassy and herbaceous


Characteristic flavour


Dried Tips of Dill

Particle Size

6-8 mm


Microbiological analysis


Not detected in 25g

Escherichia Coli


YEAST/MOULD (CFU into 1g no more than)

0,10 x 103

Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis

Moisture %


Extraneous Matter %


Living & Dead Insects %


Mineral Dirtines Contents %


Organic Dirtines Contents %


Allergens material

It Does‘t contain

Metal particles %


Pesticides Residues

Meet EU Regulations

Heavy metals (Sr, Sс)


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